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About Us

The Northern Colorado Covenant of the River has been an active part of the greater Pagan community for over 9 years.  We are a family friendly, eclectic group that gathers to explore, exchange knowledge, learn about and further understand our own Spiritual Paths, while finding acceptance within the comfort of an open circle atmosphere.  The River Hall is a repurposed garage, dedicated to us by a Covenant member, and has been set up to accommodate the majority of our gatherings.

The Covenant of the River is a place where all with an open heart and mind are welcome.  Come out and meet local Pagans, Asatru, Buddhists, Druids, Wiccans, Witches and other practitioners on a Pagan Path.  In our High Holiday celebrations, and in our regular Sunday gatherings, we work to include elements of everyone’s Path. This is especially evident in the Rituals we write as a group. Everyone puts in bits and pieces, so that the end result is a magnificent comprehensive celebration of the Season. Another great example is when (if) we call Quarters at the start of a Ritual and you see everyone stand in the manner that fits them. Some folks will make gestures, others stand with arms wide open and others just face the Quarter respectfully.

Our activities and topics vary from week to week to support our diversity and also to celebrate the Wheel of the Year.  A quick check on our calendar will have us crafting magickal tools or household decorations one week and then studying a member’s particular Faith Path the next. We try to rotate topics and activities to support more personal growth within the members. Discussions are lively, and the potluck is usually a feast.

The Covenant is organized by two council members who help lead many of our presentations and plan events. But the Covenant has always been and remains an interactive community not a set of speeches or lectures. We always strive to keep the entire community active in our events rather than being passive bystanders. The River Hall is not only a place to learn, but also to teach. We believe that each of us has something to give back to the Covenant and to that end; we encourage members to lead gatherings and Rituals. Any suggestions can be sent to the Council.

Our current council members are Jean Loomis, and Jordan Beard.  Jean has been with the Covenant and on the Council since (almost) the beginning and a practicing Hodge Podge Kitchen Pot Witch for all of her adult life. Jordan has been a member of the Covenant since 2008, he identifies himself as both a Taoist and a practiioner of Native American Shamanism and has follow this dual path since 2002. Please feel free to contact any of the council members directly or the council as a whole by email at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or concerns at any time regarding the group.

Founded originally as the Fort Collins Pagan Meetup, the group was small and mostly social. Our founder, Laura Anderson soon realized that she wanted to expand the group from a social group to a practicing Pagan Circle. Through many meetings and incarnations, the Council emerged as three individuals who committed themselves to create an environment where all Earth Centered Faith practitioners could meet to strengthen their Spirituality and explore the Pagan Path.

To support the clarity of our new mission, we needed a new name that felt more personal and inviting. Covenant of the River conjures up the image of the River gaining strength as it flows down the mountain, full of Promise and Power.  The River is all of us, joining together in celebration and consideration of the Pagan Ways.

Looking forward, the Council is devoted to getting further involved in the Front Range Pagan Community, and promoting a stronger sense of Faith in all that join us on this adventure.

Blessed Be, Namaste, Walk in Light, Merry meet… Ya'll come back now, ya' hear!