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What is Paganism

What is a Pagan?

It is difficult for me to answer this question- not because I do not know the answer but because I think the answer is bigger than I can put into words. I can give you my opinion, and the ideas that I have come to trust as truth through my research and experience. While there is no single correct answer, I can safely say a few things about most Pagans. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list- I will miss something or somebody and I will add things/groups/ideas that you do not agree with. I welcome further conversation on anything you read here. Please do your own research and gather your own experience before judging or reciting anything you read here.

My definition: A Pagan is a practitioner of an Earth-centered faith that has a celebratory cycle based on solar, lunar or agricultural occurrences.

That includes…
Witches. Druids. Folkish Asatru. Norse. Wiccans. Gardenarian. Dianic. Alexandrian. Stregharian. Discordians. Taoists. Shamans from any indigenous culture. Solitary practitioners of any of the before mentioned Faith Paths. Any one with the bumper sticker ‘Tree-hugging, Dirt-worshipping Hippie’. And that’s just off the top of my head…Never mind the many mixtures and Eclectics who, much like me, draw their own tradition from the many to form a Spiritual Way that makes sense to them.

Most Pagans recognize at least a duo theistic higher being, and most of those really recognize a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.  Some believe that the balance of God and Goddess weave together to become the One Universal Power. Most believe that the Universe requires a balance of feminine and masculine power.

Are we trying to revive an old way of life? Yes and no. This way never really left. It was hidden in a farmer’s almanac. Or stowed away for safe keeping in children’s stories. Superstition has kept it alive and well. The environmental movement… the Spiritual movement…the Feminist movement… There has always been a taste of a balanced earth related desire in our world.  

Being a Pagan means, to me, that I am part of the energetic swirl of Life. I have a responsibility to the Earth, and the people around me to be active and open in as much of life as I can. It means that I am child of the Goddess, with duties to care for my neighbors and the land in between us. It means that I am a child of the God, with duties to protect and guide the young and the seeking.