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Jordan B

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Jordan B
Fort Collins, CO

I was raised in a Christian family in Cupertino, CA. At an early age I was drawn to spiritual matters and began investigating getting baptized. I decided that before I officially ‘signed on’ I wanted to read the entire Bible first. In doing so I found that the further I read the less it spoke to me. By the end I realized that this was not my path so I started looking for spirituality in other avenues. With my upbringing I still believed in Yahweh, the God of Abraham and the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So I first began seeking within those circles. But as I visited church after church and synagogue after synagogue I found that no one had answers to my questions and even worse my questions often shook their own faith. I resolved that I was agnostic, I had faith but no religion could explain it or outline my beliefs.

My family moved when I was 11 to southern CA where I met my ex-wife and through her I met many people that helped open my eyes to other options. I got involved in the martial arts again, something I had done secretly as a child and against my parents wishes. Through that and the people I met in southern CA I got interested in Buddhism. I read a lot on the subject and thought hard about it. While I felt it was a better answer than none at all, which is what I had gotten before, it still didn’t feel right to me. Nonetheless I called myself Buddhist for a few years.

We decided to move our family to Fort Collins, CO in 2007. We made the move for a number of reasons, better schools for our children, the chance to buy our own home and a business opportunity with some very close friends of ours that were moving out here as well. In the end the business failed and our friends moved back to CA leaving us and our family in our new home. But we got involved with NCCR and I really found kindred spirits here. People that understood my quest to seek and find answers and to explore spirituality rather than just read about it. Within a couple of times attending with the group I was hooked and I love this group. I didn’t even realize that I was studying Pagan paths until I joined the group. They have really helped me to explore my own beliefs.

I began exploring other paths and my experience with Buddhism lead me to Taoism. In philosophical Taoism I found a belief system that matched how I see the world but I still wanted more spirit. I started exploring my roots and feelings that had driven me through my life. I found links in my past to Native American Shamanism and many of the practices of that path really called to me. So I am a Taoist student of Native American Shamanism. In many ways the NCCR really helped me find my path and it has helped to make me a much happier, much more whole person.

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