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**Please keep in mind that while I am posting my notes from the gathering on 2/20, I did not read these during the gathering.**

This is a tutorial in a way, a how to, but it isn’t the only way. While it is entirely possible to walk into a Ritual fresh out of work or off the highway, most practitioners would recommend taking a moment at least, to separate the energies and not bring the emotions or reactions of the mundane into your magickal working, whether that is a ritual to honor or to affect the world around you.
I will be leading you through how I settle into sacred space and connect with the energies around me before I light the first altar candle or speak the first word of prayer. For some this might be tricky because unlike the meditation last gathering, you need to hear and understand my words as you experience the work we are doing.

if you were starting a magickal working, you would be standing where you would work
taking note of your tools, your altar your space
you might run through your supply list one more time
if you were working without tools or altar, like standing in the woods raising your prayers
you might appreciate the tools nature has
the beauty of the space


settle into your personal space
shake your limbs and let them settle in a comfortable way
most would say that standing or sitting on the ground is preferred but remember limitations
start by breathing normally, not forcing anything

as you breathe be aware of your surroundings
take note and then pull back to yourself

Start by closing your eyes, and taking long, slow breaths. Inhale deeply, breathing through the nose, filling the stomach and the chest with air. Then, exhale through the nose, slowly releasing and contracting the stomach. Feel your body relax with each breath you take.
Next, bring your consciousness down to the soles of your feet, feeling their strength and firmness. Visualize tree-like roots extending from the soles of your feet. With each breath you take, these roots grow far and wide, sinking deep into the Earth, through the bedrock, and into the healing soils below. Imagine the day and stress you feel seeping out of your body, draining from your head down to your toes, through your roots and into the Earth where it is harmlessly absorbed and dispersed. Take your time.
Now that the negativity is drained out, let the energies of the Earth replenish you. When you are ready, envision the Earth’s healing energy flowing up your roots and filling your body with light. Feel the loving warmth as the energy sinks into you, allow it to move and flow throughout your body.
Slowly raise your arms to the sky, and visualize the golden energy of the Universe flowing through your fingers, down your arms, and into your body. Feel the energies within you meld together as the healing energy of the Earth, the warmth of universal energy and your own energies mingle and become one. Take a nice, deep breath, allowing yourself to accept these energies into your heart.
When you are ready, lower your arms and feel the roots recede back into your feet. Take a few extra deep breaths, and open your eyes.

Now that you are grounded and centered, you will want to connect with the space where you are working.

Feel yourself, whole and filled with that positive energy

feel your own boundary, that might be right at your skin or 6 inches out

imagine it like a slight shell or bubble around you

expand to a comfortable level

in a group you are unsure of, keep the shell

in a group you trust, open it up- soften the shell

alone in sacred space, lose the shell and mix your energies with those around you

Blessed Be
NCCR Council