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Thanksgiving and Full Moon Celebration

11/22/2018 1:00 pm
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We give thanks to the good spirits and gods that guide us
We give thanks for the community that lifts us
We give thanks for the land that supports us
We give thanks, on this day and every day
We give thanks

You and yours are invited to join us at the Cain house (2800 Crystal Court in Fort Collins) for a Thanksgiving feast followed by a full moon ritual. Friends, family and that person who said they didn’t have a place to go are all welcome.

RSVP for everyone you are bringing to ensure that there is enough food. If you cannot RSVP on the website, email Council and we will adjust our guest counts. Folks are welcome to join the gathering at any point and leave whenever they need.

The house will be open around 1pm and we’ll feast around 4pm. Ritual will be around 730.

Use the comments section of this post to tell everybody what you are bringing so we don’t double up on too many things. Council will make sure the staples are covered. Dishes, utensils, paper products and drinking water will be provided by NCCR.

Should you want to come just for the Full Moon, please come to the house around 7pm. We will be outdoors for the ritual so please dress for the weather. Folks who do not wish to participate in the ritual are welcome to stay in the house and hang out.

There will be plenty more communication about this gathering but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Council. Blessings!

From 901 East Swallow

Chris and Rose made experimental ‘blue’ macaroons. They are also providing a veggie tray.
Jean has added cranberry relish and mixed house salad to her contributions.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council

And a pie

And a pumpkin pie

add roasted broc dish and dozen rolls

add roasted broc dish and a dozen rolls to our contribution — nothing I bring is GF or DF — have to wait for my own ktichen to be set up for that.

A change

Rusty couldn’t find tofurkey and decided to get fruit salad instead…

Heidi and Kawani : Sweet Potato Jalapeno Cheese Puffs

Heidi and Kawani will be attending (Pat has them in his guest count).

They are bringing Sweet Potato Jalapeno Cheese Puffs

Green bean casserole

I’ll be bringing GF/DF green bean casserole and a pumpkin pie. I’ll check in again Tuesday or Wednesday and figure out what else we need to bring.

Also bringing some warm

Also bringing some warm punch, a bottle of mead, and a few sodas.

ham and a pecan pie

Isaak will be joining us - yay!

Apple oat yummy

I guess “apple crisp” but i often fly without a recipe. GF but not DF unless someone would prefer.. let me know.

your way

Hey Chel- make your dish the way that you want. We will label the dishes. There will be enough choices for everyone to be supported.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council

We will bring:

A few different types of stuffing/dressing. And a cake or pie.

Appetizer and meat free turkey

Rusty and I will bring deviled eggs and a tofurkey.


Freeman will be bringing a variety meat and cheese plate for an appetizer.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council


Jean will bring GF DF turkey and gravy.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council

Potatoes by Crystal Court Folks

Mashed. Sweet and Russet. Dairy free on the sweet, cream and butter on the Russet.

Welcome! And Volunteers?

Gladly I open my home for y’all.

If anyone has some time available on Wednesday ,
I’d love to get a hand with sprucing up the place.

I could be available in

I could be available in the evening.

Supplies needed too?

Rose and I will be there after lunch to help clean.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council