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Discussion - The Guru Trap

11/04/2018 5:30 pm
River Hall - 901 E. Swallow Rd. Fort Collins, CO

How to find us: Pass through the gate on western (garage) side of house then enter through the yellow door into River Hall.

There is and has long been a drive, as we seek our spiritual paths, to find a guru or a teacher that will lead us on the right track. But Gurus are just people, and people are fallible. Great minds and great people still make mistakes. In fact sometimes great minds are not attached to good people. And sometimes these so-called gurus and teachers intentionally lead us astray. We will be discussing the desire to find leaders and teachers in our own studies, whether or not we need them, and the nature of human fallibility. Do you really need a guru/teacher/leader or is your true path within you?

Please bring a dish and/or beverage to share in our potluck feast. All dishes, utensils and drinking water are provided at the River Hall. The evening will be kid friendly.

Monetary donations are always appreciated to offset general costs but gifts of paper towels, incense and patio chairs are also welcome!

Please park on Swallow Rd. not in the cul-de-sac. Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Council. Blessings!