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Full Moon Ritual

09/24/2018 7:30 pm
River Hall - 901 E. Swallow Rd. Fort Collins, CO

How to find us: Pass through the gate on western (garage) side of house then enter through the yellow door into River Hall.

Please park on Swallow Road.

My apologies for not getting this posted earlier! Hopefully some folks can still make it out.. The website might not update in time so please understand that this gathering starts at 730PM

Tonight we will gather to celebrate the full moon and the divine voice we hear in our own selves. When you clear away the clutter of the day, when you let yourself be still- what does your heart speak to you? On the heels of the Equinox, this full moon asks you to take stock of where you have been and be clear about where you want to go.
We will be doing a short meditation and a bit of writing, bookended by a self guided drawing of the moon.
Please wear sensible shoes for walking in the Sanctuary and bring a cloak if the nights are cool to you. While we encourage folks to eat their main meal before coming to the Hall, snacks and beverages to share are welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Council [email protected]

May the guidance of the Goddess be recognizable on your path! Blessings!