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Thanksgiving Feast

11/23/2017 1:00 pm
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Pat Cain and his family have graciously offered to open their home to the Covenant for the fourth year. Please RSVP for all the folks coming with you. The house will be open at 1pm with the main feasting around 4pm. The house address is 2800 Crystal Court 80525

Traditionally we gather to feast with our community, celebrating the blessings we have in our lives and within the Covenant of the River. Each family brings something to the feast, please keep reading, as they are able.

In the past, this evening generally wasn’t about Faith or American History but more a focus on family and food. Please feel free to invite any friend or family, but remember to adjust your guest count. You are welcome to drop in at any time, and leave as you need.

This is one of those events where we really need people to RSVP if at all possible. Without RSVP’s we will not have an accurate headcount and may not have enough food. So please do try to RSVP by the 17th. Also please leave a comment with what food you would like to bring to the feast so we do not end up with 4 dishes of one type and missing out on one of the traditional staples of the holiday.

If you have any questions, you can post here in the comments or you can contact the Council.

whipped cream?!?

Is anyone who is bringing pie already bringing whipped cream?

I am bringing coconut based whipped cream for the non-dairy amongst us. I didn’t think about the delightful aerosol version of dairy that is de rigeur for pie.

Is anyone going to the store today anyway?


We have a tub of cool whip coming too. We are probably covered. Thanks for checking!

Blessed Be
NCCR Council

Dalton Street Gang

Nate will be here at noon, Silver and Trinity later.

My mom and I will be joining

We will bring some sort of appetizer.

Food for thanksgiving feast

I will be bringing myself my two kids and possibly my husband…and green bean casserole.


We will bring vegetarian

We will bring vegetarian stuffing, including some gluten free cornbread stuffing.
I’ll also bring beer and cider.

Freeman is bringing a cheese tray appetizer and wine.


I will bring a turkey, gravy, salad, and a veggie appetizer.

Blessed Be
NCCR Council

Joe. Marcia. Kurt

-Roasted herb purple potatoes
-Cheesy hash brown potato bake (diary, onion)
-nut variety bowl

small smoked turkey & veg & pie

Isaak and I will be able to join this year. I will purchase a 10 - 12 pound smoked turkey to add to our carnivorous options; I will bring steamed broccoli; and I will bake a pie or two. One dairy free pumpkin and one pecan, each with gluten free crust.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes - the red outside, orange inside, roasted, split open, with a savory set of toppings.

Shayla will bring an assortment of nonalcoholic beverages, soda and juice.

Daniel is bringing a loaf of French bread and homemade cranberry sauce.

The feast!

Bringing a spiral ham

Food for thanksgiving feast

I will bring green bean casserole and some Hawaiian rolls.


We'll bring~~~

Artisan Breads, both standard and gluten-free

Mashed Potatoes a’plenty, (with dairy)

Pie of some sort.