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Mabon- Reconciling Balance and Progression

09/24/2017 5:30 pm
River Hall - 901 E. Swallow Rd. Fort Collins, CO

How to find us: Pass through the gate on western (garage) side of house then enter through the yellow door into River Hall.

Mabon is a harvest.. Mabon is balance.. Mabon is a celebration of stores and the ability to manifest..

In the honoring of the season, we ask you to be be present. We will reach out and down into the Earth to support us as we recognize the balance in so many areas of our lives… the darkness and the light, cold and heat, with the growing and dying times. We will stand strong together as we face our failures and dream of building on our successes.

Please bring a dish and/or beverage to share in our potluck feast, held before Ritual. All dishes, utensils and drinking water are provided at the River Hall. The evening will be kid friendly.

Monetary donations are always appreciated to offset general costs but gifts of books, incense and mead are also welcome! Donations of time toward the upkeep and care of our Hall and Sanctuary are also appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Council. Blessings!