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Code of Conduct

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Northern Colorado Covenant of the River Code of Conduct

The following codes of conduct will apply to all active members of the Northern Colorado Covenant of the River (NCCR) and all guests to NCCR.  By joining NCCR and attending any meeting or ritual, you agree that you have read the code of conduct, understand the codes, and agree to all codes as presented.

  1. Treat all members of the group and guests with respect in behavior and language.  We will not allow any disruptive behavior or language.  There will be no personal derogatory statements or personal attacks made against any member of the group, including but not limited to harassment or discrimination.  We will not allow any violent behavior or threats of violent behavior.  In addition, do not recklessly endanger anyone present or yourself with your behavior. Understand that no means no- if anyone states that they are uncomfortable with your behavior or language it is your responsibility to change your behavior.  This includes, but is not limited to, the aforementioned personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination.

  2. Respect the host of the gathering; be that Council, the City of Fort Collins Parks Department, or the National Forest Service. This includes property, family, and possessions. We ask that you not take more than you need and that you give back what you can when you are able, and give thanks for sacred space.

  3. We welcome pets to the group; however, we ask that if your animal is aggressive, you leave it at home.  If there is a conflict, we will ask that you remove your pet from the gathering. Behavioral issues will be discussed between the owner and the Council in private.

  4. Understand that NCCR is a discussion group as well as a church.  No discussions are taboo at meetings.  If you are uncomfortable with a discussion that is taking place, we invite you to politely and respectfully remove yourself from the discussion.  The exceptions to this rule are aforementioned personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination.

  5. The consumption of alcohol is permitted as the gathering/meeting place and host allows. All members partaking in alcohol will be responsible and moderate with their use. No one under the age of twenty-one will be permitted to partake.  NCCR does not condone the use of illicit drugs at our gatherings. Anyone found creating a problem within this policy will be asked to leave at the discretion of the Council.

  6. We will not permit any members showing up intoxicated to remain at a meeting.  In the case of a member showing up grossly intoxicated, we will offer you three choices:

    1. Give us the phone number of someone we can call who can come pick you up.

    2. Give us money for a cab so you can be driven home.

    3. We will call the police and have them escort you from the premises if you are unwilling to accept either of these options.

  7. You are responsible for your children and their behavior.  If, however, another adult needs to speak with a child for disciplinary reasons that adult must also inform the parents immediately of what the child was doing and what was said to the child.

  8. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to join us, you must obtain a letter of consent from your parent/guardian, and the Council will meet with your parent.  At this meeting, the Council will present the Codes of Conduct and ask for the parent/guardian to sign the codes on your behalf.

  9. As there are children at meetings, we ask that you dress as is appropriate for each meeting.

  10. We ask for the sake of courtesy that if you are seriously ill and contagious, please refrain from joining us until you are healthy again.

  11. The Council will be comprised of members in good standing with NCCR and will make themselves available to all members who have problems, questions, concerns, or ideas for NCCR.

  12. If at any time Council deems any other behaviors, not listed or specified in these codes, to be inappropriate or disruptive, the Council reserves the right to make a judgement call on the spot. All members and guests agree to abide by these decisions promptly and without argument. These decisions can then be discussed in greater detail in private at a later date or time with the Council.

  13. If any decision or behavior of the Council requires appeal, you agree to take that appeal to the Board of Directors privately.

Failure to comply with the above codes will result in action from the Council and be dealt with accordingly:

At first case of misconduct, Council will approach the individual in private.  They will discuss the problem with the individual and allow for them to change their behavior.  If the individual is a child, the parent will be spoken with at the same time.

At a repeat of misconduct, the Council will respectfully ask that member to leave the gathering immediately.

If misconduct continues, the Council will respectfully ask that member to leave NCCR and may disable their account on the website.

Cases of severe misconduct (including but not limited to violent behavior) will result in the immediate removal of a member from NCCR at the discretion of the Council.

If you have any other concerns or questions, the Council members will be glad to help you in any way possible.


By attending any NCCR event you are agreeing to the above behavioral guides and conditions of attendance and website participation.

Parents/Guardians of Minors please print this Code of Conduct (use printer friendly link at top), sign, and deliver to Council at your child's first gathering.


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