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Happy and Blessed New Year

Whether the date be January 1st, or right after the Winter Solstice, or even a date relating to the lunar cycle, each culture celebrates the concept of a new year.

Think about that for a moment. Cultures divided by oceans, thousands of miles, centuries, and languages, all of them celebrate the new year. The celebrations are of course different, but that very concept is ingrained in us as human beings. Celebrating the passage of time and the start of a new year. Somewhere in the back of our heads this idea is deeply important to us.

Always a Student

It is said that the oracle of Delphi declared Socrates the wisest man on the earth. So a few disciples of Socrates came to him and said, “Socrates, be happy. The oracle has declared that you are the wisest man on the earth.”
Socrates laughed and said, “Go back. There must have been some mistake. How can I be the wisest man? I know only one thing, that I don’t know anything at all, I am ignorant.”

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. - William Shakespeare

A wise man is one who knows that he does not know. - Tao Te Ching

Tis the Season

Well the holiday season is really upon us now. Everywhere you look the Christmas decorations are going up, the carols are playing over sound systems in the stores, and of course the glorious rush of shopping, shopping and even more shopping. Yes, that was a bit of sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

The Power of Prayer

As we approach Thanksgiving people all over the country are thinking about what they are thankful for. For many religious folks that includes some form of prayer of thanks. But I would also like to talk about another kind of prayer near and dear to my heart right now. That is directed prayers and thoughts for specific people in need. We have a few members in need of prayers currently, and each week we ask if anyone has some personal prayer needs.

Teaching and Learning Opportunities in our "Normal" Lives

Blessed Samhain all!

Tonight we will have our Samhain ritual at the Hall. But I wanted to take a moment to write about how much I love this holiday. I love the traditions and the meaning of the day, I love the way the weather has usually changed by now, the changing colors of the leaves, I just love pretty much everything about Samhain. But one of the other reasons I love this holiday is the opportunity it provides to educate non-Pagans about what we are and are not.

Self Check Up

Everyone should know that a yearly physical is a good idea. Just go in to see your doctor and check to see if everything is okay. Doing so can prevent much larger health issues down the road, it just might save your life. But most Pagans will acknowledge that spiritual and mental health also play a major role in your overall well being. You don’t want to just survive, but you should instead seek to thrive in life. A doctor, no matter how good they are, can’t really help much with that.

Summer Turns to Autumn

As summer turns to fall we look ahead to Samhain and the thinning of the veil. We look ahead and see the dark half of the year, are you prepared?

Sunday we discussed preparations for the thinning of the veil. Different aspects of cleansing and living within the season. This got me thinking in a new direction.

April showers bring...

Let us hope they come and they gift us with a safe camping season! Standing outside tonight in the light drizzle I was reminded that I need to stay grateful for every drop of moisture that falls out of the sky! Camping without a full fire is doable, and mostly enjoyable but I would much rather have it.. Let it rain, let it snow and please let it all melt at a reasonable speed!

The Turning Wheel

The Sanctuary was covered in snow at the beginning of this week but the sunshine and the wind have given that moisture back to the land. The fickle Colorado Springtime is stirring. Sure, we could have several good snow storms ahead of us but the greening has begun.

Book of Shadows - 1/5/2014

Welcome to 2014!

To start off the new year we had a discussion on our own book of shadows or personal grimoire. Do you keep your own collection of tools, rituals and methods that have worked in the past? Maybe you simply note them in your journal? Maybe you keep them in an nontraditional way?

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