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Celebrations of Spirit at the Hall

From the messages brought to us through Crow on Samhain to a horn raised in honor of our Veterans, the Covenant of the River certainly knows how to celebrate. We are blessed to have a community that can gather regularly in a safe space. Blessed all the more by the trust we have in the Circle so that we can share stories, tears and heart songs.

The new Sanctuary space has proven the value of Sacred space through the Fire meditation and hosting the Samhain Ritual. Even in the cold, it is far better to Circle in the Sanctuary and not in the driveway. It may need a few more finishing touches but for now, the Sanctuary is a beautiful addition to our community.

Now that the colder season is upon us in full Colorado Autumn style, we will be meeting in the comfort of the Hall. The calendar is full through the end of the year so we’ll see you soon!